My first restauration project - Asteroids



Got it in this state for 110,- Euro (about $115)

Asteroids -much to do?!


Asteroids - faulty

Unfortunately there is more to repair then the mainswitch - but at least I found an idea on some pages what may
be the cause of this problem! The very thick white line is from the flash of my camera.



Seems like my PCB is different from the upright -anyone knows more?



Found the bad RAM! Unfortunately got a second error, but look at the pictures...


selftestmode faulty

This is selftest-mode - before I had no picture here but only the ram-soundpeeps.
Start1+2 are lit, the screen above rapidly resets resulting in a flickering and beeps occure.


gamemode faulty
In game mode - Start1+2 flicker rapidly, as game resets fastly. Note the double-written message at the bottom!




It's alive!


Found a defective 74LS191, also there were two instead of one RAMs defective.