The cabinet

This is how it started: Making plans.

This was my first design downloadable in .pdf-format. Afterwards I find it pretty ugly, but I'll leave it here just for the fun to compare: Better spend much time planing before you build the real thing! Cabinet.pdf. If it somehow helps you, feel free to use or change it.

I discarded these drawings and wanted to make it like the original Centipede-upright-cabinet instead with some minor changes to fit my rotating monitor mount (0.4" more in width, argh!)  and controlpanel. I really love the classic look & shape of this one!

My main purpose for building an arcade-cabinet is to regain childhood-memories. Nostalgia, that's what is it all about! I grew up in the 80's at the golden age of arcade-games, so it can't be wrong to get inspired by one of the prettiest cabinets of those days!.

Luckily a good friend of mine is woodworker - he can build it at work, were they have these great machines you can program and cut the wood just like you wanted. Unfortunately they are not compatible with CorelDraw ;-)

My new plans - a rebuild Centipede upright! :-)



Note: The drawing is only meant as a sketch and therefore not proportional. Please take a look at the regarding measures in the table below. Measurements were originally made in inches and everything in cm is exact calculated.

pos. cm inch   pos. cm inch


85,09 33.5   M 67,31 26.5
B 92,075 36.25   N 81,28 32
C 100,965 39.75   O 68,58 27
D 104,775 41.25   P 180,975 71.25
E 137,795 54.25   Q 64,135 25.25
F 158,75 62.5   R 7,62 3
G 175,895 69.25   S 76,2 30
H 68,58 27   T 73,66 29
I 142,24 56   U 13,97 5.5
J 70,485 27.75   V 31,75 12.5
K 61,595 24.25   W 60,325 23.75
L 80,01 31.5        
Marquee glass 60,5cm (60,325cm?) x 16,5cm  (23,75" x 6,5")

Not in table: Distance from side panel front back or top (not control panel) .125''
the control panel doesn't follow the side panel profile exactly. there is about .5'' between the top of the CP and the top of the cab side. Also the front of the panel is not straight in front like the side panel it about 1'' deeper at the top than at the bottom. Lastly the bottom of the control panel is a little sharper angle than side panel, it connects to the front panel higher than height A on the diagram. I think that distance was about 2''.

A big thankyou! to Larry Smith who made all these measurements for me.



Final downloads


Here you can have a look how my plans turned out! At this point I didn't make any changes no more ;-) The only thing I needed was to fit bigger controlpanels.

This is mostly complette, but some changes in the drawings are not made, and only included via description in german. Centipede-extended.pdf


Autocad-files(Viewable with many graphic-programs, too)

The absolutely final version of the cabinet-sides I build with extened panel and marquee-area and the original roundings as .dxf-file.

The original Centipede, unfortunately without the roundings, as .dxf-file. I've no access to autocad anymore, so I can't help you any further, sorry! You can take the original roundings from the file above - if you can put the original roundings in this file, please mail it to me so I could make it available on this site, too!