Here are some first screenshots of the actual beta-version of my selfmade frontend. There are some really good frontends out there, but I had so many special wishes that I made my own.

Screenshot from the old version

This is the most interesting one - an automatically created toplist counting how often you have
started each game! Guess I have to format the text better, didn't notice this on my arcademonitor.


Horizontal -new version
Screenshot from the new version including buttoninfo!

This is the Golden Age list - you can always add games to other lists, as seen on the next screen.


Screenshot from the old version

I have a servicekey included - you can add the current rom to a favoritelist of your choice.
In this screenshot we are just creating a new favoriteslist - I don't like scrolling through 4000+
games that much, so some day I might even program a function to hide the big list when
having a party.


Screenshot from the old version

On my Wellsgardner U3100, I can't play all games in their native resolution, so I have to
hardwarestretch some of them. See the resolution shown at the topleft-corner? Changes
will be made to all games with this res!


Screenshot from the old version

Okay, this is something specialized for my cab only. The main reasons why I had to build my own!


Vertical view -New version
Screenshot from the new version including buttoninfo

This is the vertical view. Currently I support only rotating the monitor 90 degrees clockwise, as
this is how my commercial monitormount was made.


Frontend features:

-Automatic monitorrotation control

-Coindoor-Lamps and 12V HiFi-power control

-Multilist support

-Automatically created toplist

-Simple support for commandline based emulators (Only MAME & VisualPinball testet, don't ask me on the last one. It is a pain to work with, and I haven't solved to autoexit the tables yet, not even with Howards' VPlauncher)

-Scriptable attractionmode with .avi & .mp3-support, also showing animated joysticks and buttons.

-All properties available through ini-files

-Languagepack supported

-Panel-recognition to filter out unplayable games with current controls (e.g. only trackball available)

-Controls & Buttoninfo using the controls.dat project!

More to come!

Sorry, no download available, as the current version still isn't completely done!

Suitable for WinXP
Only 640x480 supported