Wells Gardner U3100 (19") -additional pictures

There exist two models of the U3100:

WGM1931-M1GS08K -a cheaper one with an Orion-tube
WGM1931-M2TS26H -a more expensive one (+$100 in the US) with a better quality RCA-tube. This is the one you see below.

On this page you see the M2TS26H - the pictures from the "monitor"-page were taken from a M1GS08K. I wouldn't expect to much differences though, I just couldn't get the cheaper one, so I had no choice anyway.


Wells Gardner U3100
Here you can see the openframe-style. The sidebrackets at the bottom can also
be mounted vertically. On the right there is the standard-VGA-cable!


DonkeyKong on U3100
Donkey Kong in action! Sorry, can't get a picture with my camera. For good pictures see the


Windows on U3100
This is Mame32. Pictures like this are a bit blurry/unsharp but readable. However I would
recommend to use a frontend which looks more arcade-like.


Startscreen on U3100
Windows starts...


Topview U3100
This is the monitor from the top. It uses less depth then most other normal


Remoteboard U3100
Very clever: This cable-remote has contrast, brightness, horizontal- / vertical- size&posititon on it!
Just place it where you can easy reach it in your cab...