The rotable monitor-mount

I'm very glad that I got this baby at Ebay - it arrived Saturday, the 11th May 2002 and it looks perfect! It was originally mounted in a Quadro-cabinet (A commercial cabinet that had a switch to play 4 different games on it), don't know if these are popular in the US also, at least they were more or less popular in Germany. These standard-cabinets are most time very ugly as you can imagine, I'll surely have more fun with a selfmade-one.

Monitormount horizontal
This is the monitor mount how it would get build into the
cabinet. The monitor sits on the blackmetalseat.
Horizontal position.

Monitormount vertical
Lying on the floor, vertical position. You can see the seat on the left
where the monitor will be mounted to. Better screw it firmly! ;-)


Monitor-mount horizontal position
Somehow it reminds you of a bycicle-tyre, doesn't it? This thing is really big, I wanted to
go with a 19" monitor for this is the most classic size, and this should fit perfectly. I'm not
sure if the mount was even ment for a bigger screen. The motor was stated to work with
24V, but I tried 12V and it works like a charm! It draws 0,8A -1,5A current, when you
hold it very firmly - this motor is really strong!

At this picture we are in horizontal position. If you look closely you could see the many
screws that hold the woodpiece. The tyre is kept in position by friction - the motor won't
move unless you give him power! Friction can be easily adjusted by the three screws.


Here you can see how the bycicle-tyre is leaded.


Position switches
One of the two position-stoppers. There are two microswitches
that are activated for each position. I currently haven't found out
so far how I'll implement these - on is connected and the other
not in this position.


Quadro-Games Motorplatine

This is the motor-pcb ("Motorplatine Quadro-Games") suited for this mount. Actually I don't know how this was meant to be, but found out how I could use if for my purposes anyway. Some relais were really bad so I swapped two of them. A few weeks later I found out that the last relais was junk, too.


Built in!


inside back

On the top you see the modified motor-pcb, below this is a caramp I really got cheap for $5. The wires are a bit messy at this point. See the green switch hanging over the amp? Depending on its position the monitormount rotates to horizotal or vertical and then degausses the tube automatically. The switch will be soon replaced with an USB-interface, so I can write my own frontend that rotates automatically regarding which game you choose.

horizontal position

Here in the horizontal position. The picture is a bit blurry.

Vertical position

Vertical position, would be a shame not to include this orientation!