Sideart -cutting to shape


Preparing the kitchen-table - don't wanna make any scratches here! Most importan thing:
Get some inspiring music for your work!

X-acto knife
This is the X-acto knife I used for this.



I made some pencils at certain areas to get an idea how to outline these unregular patterns.

Most important thing was that I didn't wanted any sharp edges - everything should be cut roundish!




Part is cut out!
Doesn't look to bad, does it? By the way, it wasn't necessary to cut the whole thing through -
it makes the attaching easier, but you have to press the knife much firmer while cutting
which results in less smoothly roundings. The second side turned out better 'cause I didn't cut
through the lower adhesive protection paper anymore. I sure earned some experience points
after doing this! ;-)


Operation done!
Operation mostly done - my Centipede is still alive!