When I started with my project, I always wanted to create my own sideart. At work we have several large inkject-printers (up to 60") so I though this would be perfect! Unfortunately its not that easy - I wasn't able to get the highres-images I like, we have no adhesive vinyl (could have ordered this, though) and also no UV-resistant pigmentink!

Last but not least - my cabinet turned out more and more like the real Centipede (as it was intended to) so there was only way to go. Get a real Centipede sideart!

After several discussions at the BYOAC-forum I finally made my decision and placed an order at Arcadeshop Amusements.

Centipede inside!

It only took them a week to ship it overseas (that's Germany) - they are really fast! So glad I got it duty-free - see the green "ZOLL"-sticker on the left? They had a look in the box -somehow it seems they just couldn't imagine that this thing is worth $125 excluding shipping!

And here is what you get!

The package contains a complete pair of them - here you see the right side. The back is adhesive, the front covered with protectionpaper. From what I could tell here, the colors look very good!

There was also a little shock in it - somehow I expected this to be already cut to shape?!
After some more discussions and emails to the Arcadeshop where I got this from (again, unbelievable fast! Have you ever got answers per email after two minutes?!) I found out that the sideart was supposed to cover the whole cabinetside - so you only need to cut the overstanding edges.
Nice idea, but as I made my cabinet sligtly widther at the controlpanel and marquee-area (to fit bigger panels but still let it look like the original dimensions) the sideart won't cover the whole area!

So discussion-time again. Instead of leaving two seams at the missing edges I was convinced to cut this beautiful worm out to its original shape.



Right sideart